Nicola’s story

Nicola and family

On 4th August 2006 I went into labour with my first child. After a long labour they realised the baby was stuck and I had an emergency c-section. A beautiful baby girl arrived weighing 8lb 11oz, I don’t remember much after this but in recovery back on the ward I told relatives something was wrong and I was losing blood. The surgeons tried various techniques throughout the night to help but to no avail, I had to have a hysterectomy and received 12 units of blood through transfusion. My mum was told at the doors of theatre to kiss me goodbye but I never knew that this happened.

I will be forever grateful to everyone who donates, without you I wouldn’t be here to be with my daughter Jayne who is now 11.

24 relatives stood in the waiting room that night and when the nurse asked how many donated there were only 2. Now when friends and family ask what gift I want for special occasions I ask simply for them to donate blood and hopefully they too can save a life.