Basic requirements of a Platelet donor

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Age - Platelet Donor

  • Donors can donate once they have reached their 18th birthday.
  • 1st time donors can donate up to their sixty-sixth birthday.
  • Must have donated blood at least once before.
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Weight - Platelet Donor

  • Donors should weigh at least 70kg (over 11 stone).
  • Have good veins.
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Blood Count - Platelet Donor

  • Donors need to have an adequate haemoglobin (blood count) to donate.
  • Haemoglobin levels have been set at 125 g/l for females and 135 g/l for males.
  • Donors will have their blood count checked each time they come to donate. We do this by taking a tiny drop of blood from the fingertip.
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How often can I donate platelets?

  • All Platelet donors can donate every 4 weeks.