Personal & Public Involvement

Communities Partnership

Over the past few years the Service (NIBTS) has been building the Partnership to help strengthen our links with local communities, and this is the cornerstone of out Personal and Public Involvement(PPI) campaign. Membership is open to existing donors and other people whose interests lie in the development of the Service at local level. In particular we are keen that donors who may have 'retired' (due to age or deferral) should join as they already have a good understanding of the Service. The main activitities of the Partnership will centre on address the following topics; however, the agenda will be driven by the needs of our key users:

  • Donor Recruitment
  • Session Organisation
  • Public Consultation

At present several groups, including those in Belfast, Dungannon, and a Youth Forum also based in Belfast, each meet up to three times each year to discuss different aspects of these topics, and we would now like to establish new groups.

Our 'partners' make a vital contribution by putting forward their views on how we could improve the Service. In addition to BTSCP, we obtain tremendous support from people throughout Northern Ireland who help with the preparation of refreshments for donors, organising sessions or distributing publicity material. These 'associate partners' do not necessarily attend meetings but several have actually joined the BTSCP, making a further contribution to the work of the Service.

The support of all our partners is much appreciated by the Service.

If you feel you could spend about an hour and a half, up to three times a year discussing the work of the Service, give us a call on Belfast 9053 4662, or send us an email at

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