Michelle and Ollie’s story

“On 11th March 2015 my son Ollie was 71/2 months old and was unwell during the day with a high temperature and vomiting but I wasn’t alarmed by this. But before bed we noticed a rash on Ollie’s belly.

We went to A&E in Daisy Hill Hospital and were later transferred to PICU in the Royal. He had meningococcal septicaemia and spent nine days in PICU, six of which were on life support.

I’m not sure but I think he got platelets twice, he was on dialysis cleaning his blood and they were afraid of him bleeding when the dialysis tubes were being changed

The first 48 hours were crucial… we didn’t know how he was going to be affected if he did survive… but almost five years later we have a healthy wee man.

Thankfully Ollie only has a few scars on his body.

Ollie is one of the lucky ones who not only survived this awful disease but has had none of the usual complications of meningitis.”