The prospectus and user guide aims to provide a description of the products and services available from the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service (NIBTS). It also describes the procedures for requesting these products and services.

Almost all blood components are prepared from donations provided by our own voluntary, unremunerated donors (the exception being a small amount of FFP that is used for selected patients). As a freely donated gift there is no charge for the blood itself and charges and costs referred to in this document relate to the operational costs of collection, testing, processing, supply and distribution.

All plasma derivatives on the other hand are obtained from imported plasma, as required by the UK Government. This is a precautionary measure against the possible risk from variant CJD (vCJD) in the UK population. Since June 1998 UK Transfusion Services have been required to use imported plasma for the manufacture of plasma products.

The NIBTS provides a 24-hour service including immunohaematological reference service and medical consultant advice is readily accessible on all aspects of blood transfusion practice.

The services provided by the NIBTS include:

  • Supply of Blood Products
  • Blood Group Reference Service
  • Teaching / Training Courses
  • Antenatal Testing Service

Prospectus and User Guide

Available for download here Prospectus and User Guide