The Donation Process

Before you donate

Have you been eating and drinking normally today?


Are you feeling well today?


Have you been traveling abroad recently?

You will be prompted to take a number and will then take a seat in the waiting area.

The receptionist will call you forward to enter your details on our system.

You will then be asked to take a seat again to read our blood safety leaflet and complete the health check questionnaire.

A simple pin-prick test to check your haemoglobin iron levels.

If you are a new donor or returning after several years, your next step is a PDI, where the health check questions will be gone through in greater detail.

After being escorted to a bed/chair, a cuff is put on your arm, the area is cleaned and the procedure is explained (and reassurance given if needed).

The blood is collected in a donation pack which contains an anticoagulant to prevent the blood clotting.

Each time you donate we will also take samples for mandatory testing to ensure your blood is safe for patients.

You will rest for about ten minutes before heading to the refreshment area for a drink and a biscuit.

The samples and donations are collected by our drivers in insulated bags and transferred to our laboratory, to be tested and separated into components.

Guide to giving blood

Guide to platelet donation